Ronnie McGaha - In office 2009 - Present

City Council

Bobby Haynes - In office 2011 - Present
Sally Maness - In office 2011 - Present
Jerry Mauldin - In office 2011 - Present
Robert McElroy - In office 2009 - Present


Glenda Brewer - In office 2011 - Present

Planning & Zoning Commission

Chairperson - Megan Damron

Secretary - Krista Mauldin

Commissioners - James Freyaldenhoven
               - Sally Maness
               - Becky Moltz

Street Department

Charles Berry - Road Foremen

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Phone 501 849-2613

Fax 501 849-2921



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The first school in Holland, built in the late 1800s, stood near the present Holland Baptist Church.

Around 1900, several one-room schools in the area, including Oakland and Frog Pond, consolidated with Holland. By 1909 the school had 115 students.

In 1928, a new six-room brick schoolhouse was completed at a cost of $8,500 and stood where the present City Park playground area is located. Arch W. Ford, longtime director of the Arkansas Department of Education, was named Superintendent of this school.  A frame gymnasium was built directly behind the schoolhouse.  It was completed in the fall of 1936, but sadly burn down within a few short months.

In 1939, a new gymnasium was built through the WPA to replace the earlier one that had burned. This gymnasium was built where the Community Center sets today and was the site of several county basketball tournaments during the 1940s.

The Class of 1940 dedicated a large, native stone fish pond located between the school and gymnasium. These buildings, including a Teacherage which stood near the present Veterans Memorial, served the district until it consolidated with larger schools in the area in the 1950s. The last high school class graduated in 1948. Elementary grades continued to meet here until 1954.

Composed by Charles D. Parsons, Holland City Historian
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Meeting Schedule

Planning & Zoning meeting 1st Thursday of each month

City Council meeting 2nd Monday of each month

Fire Department 3rd Monday of each month

Planning & Zoning

      Building Inspector - Monty Havens

Fire Department

Fire Chief - David Tindall

Assistant Fire Chief - Brinton Ramoly

Administrative Assistant - Kathleen Toon

Joe Bryant - Building Maintenance Coordinator

Dennis Knox - Grounds Maintenance
Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer - Ricky Woody
Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation Committee

Chairperson - Bobby Haynes


Sally Maness
Becky Moltz
Betsy Petty
Lori Ponder
Photos of Holland

18 Lodge Dr. Holland, AR 72173
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